Weather Key Weather Name
1_heavy_fog 1_heavy_fog
2_light_fog 2_light_fog
3_clear 3_clear
4_mid_clear 4_mid_clear
5_light_clouds 5_light_clouds
6_mid_clouds 6_mid_clouds
7_heavy_clouds 7_heavy_clouds
sol_00_no_clouds No Clouds (Sol)
sol_01_clear Clear (Sol)
sol_02_few_clouds Few Clouds (Sol)
sol_03_scattered_clouds Scattered Clouds (Sol)
sol_04_windy Windy (Sol)
sol_05_broken_clouds Broken Clouds (Sol)
sol_06_overcast Overcast (Sol)
sol_11_mist Mist (Sol)
sol_12_fog Fog (Sol)
sol_21_haze Haze (Sol)
sol_22_dust Dust (Sol)
sol_23_sand Sand (Sol)
sol_24_smoke Smoke (Sol)
sol_31_light_drizzle Light Drizzle (Sol)
sol_32_drizzle Drizzle (Sol)
sol_33_heavy_drizzle Heavy Drizzle (Sol)
sol_34_light_rain Light Rain (Sol)
sol_35_rain Rain (Sol)
sol_36_heavy_rain Heavy Rain (Sol)
sol_41_light_thunderstorm Light Thunderstorm (Sol)
sol_42_thunderstorm Thunderstorm (Sol)
sol_43_heavy_thunderstorm Heavy Thunderstorm (Sol)
sol_44_squalls Squalls (Sol)
sol_45_tornado Tornado (Sol)
sol_46_hurricane Hurricane (Sol)
sol_51_light_snow Light Snow (Sol)
sol_52_snow Snow (Sol)
sol_53_heavy_snow Heavy Snow (Sol)
sol_54_light_sleet Light Sleet (Sol)
sol_55_sleet Sleet (Sol)
sol_56_heavy_sleet Heavy Sleet (Sol)
sol_57_hail Hail (Sol)

These Presets can be selected in race forms, and allow you to set specific combinations of rain settings for a weather slot. The default presets are intended for CSP v0.1.80-preview108 (2253) or newer, and may need modifying for older versions.

From CSP v0.1.80-preview108 (2253) the "Track Wetness" is a ratio of Intensity (so if Intensity is 0.5 and Track Wetness is 0.5, the resulting Track Wetness will be 0.25), in earlier versions it is a direct percentage.

Rain Preset
Rain Preset
Rain Preset
Rain Preset
Rain Preset
Rain Preset
Rain Preset
Rain Preset
Rain Preset